About Us

GulfAtlantic Floor Systems

For nearly three decades, GulfAtlantic Floor Systems has been the vanguard in perfecting industrial concrete flooring. Founded by Buck Buchanan in 1994, our journey began with the vision of shiny, resilient floors for industrial, commercial, and specialty spaces. Since then, we’ve installed over 55,000,000 square feet of premium concrete coatings, safeguarding some of the nation’s largest industrial facilities. We’ve mastered the art of concrete, creating floors that are durable, low-maintenance, and impeccably beautiful. Our commitment to precision, timeliness, and customer satisfaction is a commitment as robust as the concrete we work with. When it comes to industrial flooring, GulfAtlantic gets it right.

Why GulfAtlantic Floor Systems?

GulfAtlantic Floor Systems is your trusted industrial concrete flooring expert, offering a century of combined experience, flexible scheduling, comprehensive warranties, professional applicators, cutting-edge technology, and world-class coatings designed to reduce costs, increase productivity, and prioritize safety.


With nearly a century of combined experience in concrete coatings, we’re industry veterans.

Flexible Schedules

We work on your timeline, including weekends and holidays.

Comprehensive Warranties

Our coverage includes materials, labor, and manufacturer warranties.

Professional Applicators

Our skilled crews are authorized to install our products.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use the latest techniques and equipment for superior results.

World-Class Coatings

Our floors reduce costs, increase productivity, and prioritize safety.


Your industrial concrete flooring experts, committed to excellence.

Our Services

Concrete Coating Installation

Transform your industrial or commercial environment with our premium concrete coating installation services. Whether you’re seeking enhanced durability, aesthetics, or specific functional advantages, our expert team is here to provide the solutions your space deserves. Discover how our concrete coating installations can elevate and protect your floors.

Concrete Preparation & Repair

At GulfAtlantic, we understand that a strong foundation is crucial for any successful project. Our concrete preparation and repair services lay the groundwork for durable, high-performance floors. Whether you need to prepare an existing floor for a fresh coating or repair surface imperfections, our meticulous techniques ensure your concrete is ready to stand the test of time. Explore how our expertise sets the stage for long-lasting excellence.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete isn’t just a surface; it’s a transformation. It’s a process that reveals the remarkable beauty hidden within concrete floors while fortifying them with unmatched durability. GulfAtlantic invites you to explore the world of polished concrete, where aesthetics meet strength, making it an ideal choice for your commercial, industrial, or retail space. Discover the art of concrete transformation and its many benefits.

Our Company's Projects

John Deere Tractor in Columbus



Patch defects, enhance brightness, and protect the floor.


Diamond grinding, epoxy patching, epoxy primer, and high-performance coating.


A brighter, easier-to-clean floor with chemical resistance and abrasion protection.

Firestone in Dyersburg



Repair eroded patches, protect against chemicals, and improve cleanability.


Smooth-grinding, epoxy primer, high-performance urethane with aluminum oxide powder.


A smooth, even floor that resists abrasion and simplifies cleaning.

MillionAir Hangar in St. Louis



Repair a surface that was too soft due to inappropriate preparation.


Removal of previous coating, hole patching, smoothing with epoxy, and applying chemical-resistant urethane.


A more durable, easier-to-clean floor.

We're always looking for new talent.

As GulfAtlantic Floor Systems Inc continues to grow, we’re on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our dynamic team. Whether you’re seasoned in the realm of flooring solutions or excited to learn from industry experts, we invite you to apply below and submit your resume. Let’s craft exceptional flooring solutions together!