Quality Concrete Preparation & Repair

Concrete is only as strong as its foundation, and that’s where we excel. Before any coating or polishing job, thorough preparation and repair are essential. GulfAtlantic understands that achieving a floor that stands the test of time involves precision and expertise. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to create the perfect foundation for your flooring needs. From diamond grinding to scrub cleaning, we offer a range of techniques tailored to your floor’s unique condition. We’re not just about putting on the finishing touches; we’re committed to ensuring your concrete floor’s longevity and brilliance.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is the best method of preparation to remove curing seals, curing membranes, and coatings from concrete. Our diamond grinder excels in eliminating these layers while opening up the concrete’s pores and eliminating laitance. What sets us apart is our commitment to protecting your facility from contamination – our grinders run on 480 Power three-phase electricity with a robust dust control system. With the right preparation, we ensure your floor requires less product to achieve a smooth, cleanable surface, translating into a cost-effective and budget-friendly solution.

Disk Sanding

Disk sanding plays a pivotal role in ensuring a strong bond between the new coating and the previous one. This technique is indispensable for several scenarios:

  • Restoring a floor’s original luster before recoating, often achieved through buffing with sanding screens and a single epoxy coat.
  • When a floor boasts multiple epoxy layers, disk sanding removes blemishes and ensures the final coat remains smooth and easily cleanable throughout the floor’s life.
  • “Wet sanding” is an option, eliminating the risk of sanding dust interfering with equipment, thus maintaining a pristine environment.


Erosion Repair

Joint maintenance in industrial plants and expansive commercial concrete floors is an ongoing concern, particularly in areas subjected to heavy forklift traffic. We address this with a multi-faceted approach:

  • Expansion joints are installed in the building to accommodate the concrete’s natural expansion and contraction, especially in non-climate-controlled environments. This movement can lead to joint problems.
  • Control joints are placed in the concrete slab to mitigate cracking, with proper cutting at construction ensuring that concrete cracks run to the nearest control joint.
  • To protect these joints from erosion and reduce maintenance costs, we employ flexible yet robust polyurea compounds that offer up to 300% elongation.

Hand Grinding

For meticulous preparation of concrete in tight areas, corners, along walls, and around equipment, our hand grinding method is the go-to choice. We incorporate hand grinders with dust collection systems to deliver a spotless result.


Joint Repair

In the context of large industrial plants and commercial buildings, the maintenance of concrete floor joints is a continuous concern. Here’s how we tackle it:

  • Expansion joints are incorporated into structures to allow for concrete expansion and contraction, especially when the building isn’t climate-controlled.
  • The movement, coupled with the weight and traffic from heavy equipment like forklifts, leads to joint issues.
  • We fill these joints with flexible yet durable polyurea compounds that protect them from erosion. In the long run, proper joint maintenance reduces the cost of repair and replacement.

Pop-outs And Patching

The concrete surface is relatively thin, and over time, it can experience pop-outs due to wear and stress. Before applying a final coating, we diligently clean and hand-patch any pop-outs, ensuring the floor is primed to receive the coating.



For effective preparation of a concrete floor, scarifying is an aggressive method that removes thick coating build-up. This process results in a clean, sound surface ready for the new coating. Our scarifier is equipped with a dust collection system that ensures a dust-free environment, protecting equipment in your facility.


When a more substantial coating system is required for a concrete floor, shot-blasting provides the ideal preparation method. Using steel pellets, we aggressively treat the concrete surface, leaving it perfectly prepared to receive a thicker coating. With different pellet sizes tailored to your coating thickness, shot-blasting is a dust-free process, complete with its vacuum system, ensuring a pristine environment.