In 1994, Buck Buchanan saw an exceptional opportunity in concrete floors. So he founded GulfAtlantic Floor Systems right then and there—in his hometown of Madison, Mississippi, just outside the state capital of Jackson. Since then, Buck and his industrial concrete floor experts have installed more than 55,000,000 square feet of industrial concrete coatings in some of the largest industrial facilities in the nation.

GulfAtlantic now operates in and around Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee, and we’re sure to grow into other states sooner or later. If your install site is nearby feel free to give us a call!

About Buck Buchanan

Buck Buchanan began his career in industrial floor coatings as a representative for Tennant Company, an industrial cleaning firm, in the late 1980s. Realizing the utmost importance of proper concrete floor installation and easy-maintenance floors, he formed GulfAtlantic Floor Systems in 1994.

Our Commitment to You

GulfAtlantic Floor Systems is dedicated to your satisfaction, nailing the details of every job with regard to budget, timeliness, prep, installation, and proper cleanup, as well as respect for your confidentiality. That’s a commitment that’s more than rock solid—it’s a COMMITMENT Like Concrete.

Why Choose GulfAtlantic Floor Systems?

When it comes to industrial concrete floors, GulfAtlantic stands as the top choice for businesses seeking excellence. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of our services.


With nearly a century of combined experience in concrete coatings, our trained consultants are seasoned experts in their field. We’ve honed our skills to deliver superior results.

Flexible Installation Schedules

Your business doesn’t stop, and neither do we. We understand the importance of a seamless operation. That’s why we offer flexible installation schedules, including weekends and holidays, ensuring minimal disruption.

Comprehensive Warranties

At GulfAtlantic, we stand by our work. We provide comprehensive warranties that cover all materials and labor. What’s more, our manufacturers also warranty their products, giving you peace of mind.

Professionally Trained Applicators

Our crews are not just any installers; they are professionally trained applicators authorized to work with our products. Their expertise guarantees a flawless finish.

Best Technology

We keep our edge by using the latest surface preparation techniques and equipment on every project. The result is a floor that exceeds industry standards.

World Class Coatings Promote a World Class Environment

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Our coatings lower cleaning and repair expenses, making your facility more cost-effective. Enhanced light reflectivity of up to 300% also leads to reduced utility and lighting costs. Moreover, resistance to chemical damage enhances safety and reduces repair costs.

Increased Productivity

Our floors are built to withstand heavy traffic and enhance workplace productivity. They protect equipment and finished goods from dust, debris, and damage. With faster movement of people and materials and brighter workspaces, productivity soars.


Our floors are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. They are easy to maintain, provide a cleaner work environment, and increase workflow with directional markers. This showcases quality and professionalism, fostering pride in the workplace.


Safety is a priority. Our floors promote safety with their durability and light reflectivity. Non-skid properties added to the coating reduce injuries. They also protect employees and concrete from dangerous chemicals.

At GulfAtlantic Floor Systems, we don’t just create floors; we create environments that enhance your business’s efficiency, safety, and professionalism. Choose us for industrial concrete perfection.

Our Team

Cindy Spitchley

Office Manager