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Concrete Floors: Precision in Preparation and Repair in Jackson, MS

Before any coating or polishing project, the foundation is key, and GulfAtlantic excels in this crucial phase. Our expert team is not just about the finishing touches; we are dedicated to the meticulous preparation and repair that ensures the strength and durability of your concrete floors. Our techniques, ranging from diamond grinding to erosion repair, are tailored to the unique conditions of your floors, promising longevity and brilliance that withstand the test of time.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is our unparalleled method to prepare concrete, eliminating seals, membranes, and coatings. Our grinders, powered by robust 480 Power three-phase electricity, coupled with a dust control system, ensure a contaminant-free facility. This precision in preparation not only yields a cost-effective solution but also guarantees a smooth, cleanable surface that stands as a testament to durability.

Disk Sanding

Disk sanding plays a pivotal role in fostering a strong bond between old and new coatings. Whether restoring a floor’s original luster or removing blemishes from multiple epoxy layers, our disk sanding techniques ensure a smooth and easily maintainable surface. The option of “wet sanding” eliminates dust interference, maintaining a pristine environment.

Erosion Repair

Industrial plants and expansive commercial floors face continuous challenges in joint maintenance due to heavy traffic. Our approach involves installing expansion and control joints, filling them with flexible polyurea compounds for protection against erosion. This preventative measure significantly reduces long-term repair and replacement costs.

Hand Grinding

Meticulous preparation in tight areas, corners, and around equipment is achieved through our hand grinding method. Equipped with dust collection systems, this technique delivers spotless results, ensuring every inch of your concrete floor receives the attention it deserves.

Joint Repair

Large industrial plants often grapple with concrete joint issues, but our comprehensive approach addresses these concerns. Incorporating expansion joints to accommodate natural concrete movement, coupled with the application of flexible polyurea compounds, ensures joint longevity and reduces maintenance costs.

Pop-Outs and Patching

Concrete surfaces, over time, may experience pop-outs due to wear and stress. Before applying a final coating, our diligent cleaning and hand-patching process ensures a primed surface ready to receive the coating, revitalizing the integrity of your floor.


For effective preparation, our aggressive scarifying method removes thick coating build-up, providing a clean, sound surface ready for a new coating. Equipped with a dust collection system, this process guarantees a dust-free environment, preserving the equipment in your facility.


When a substantial coating system is needed, our shot-blasting method with steel pellets aggressively treats the concrete surface. Tailored pellet sizes ensure an ideal preparation for different coating thicknesses, all while maintaining a dust-free environment through its vacuum system.

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Our techniques are not just about the present; they pave the way for a future where your concrete floors stand resilient, shining brilliantly in the face of time and traffic. GulfAtlantic’s expertise in this domain ensures not just a finished look but a foundation that withstands the test of time, reflecting their commitment to quality and excellence in concrete flooring services. Contact us today!